Micromint Partners with IAR to offer leading industry tools for Eagle SBC

Eagle-IARMicromint has selected IAR Systems as its tools partner for its latest computer board targeted at the industrial market. The new Eagle 100 board commenced shipping in August this year, and each unit includes a KickStart version of IAR Systems flagship C/C++ compiler and the IAR Embedded Workbench.

The Eagle 100 is a single board computer designed for cost-sensitive control applications that require real-time performance, networking and extensive support of popular peripherals. It delivers 32-bit performance and features, at a cost comparable to that of legacy 8- and 16-bit controllers. Powered by a Texas Instruments ARM Cortex-M3 core capable of over 60 MIPS, the Eagle 100 is capable of fulfilling demanding requirements in monitoring, instrumentation, data acquisition, process control, factory automation and many other applications. An extensive array of peripherals is built-in, and expandability is available using PC/104 I/O cards. Several of the peripherals can be reconfigured using the programmable logic capabilities of the integrated CPLD. Code examples are included with the Eagle 100, and these provide a rapid start for the developer.

"Partnering with IAR Systems was a logical choice for us that will result in great benefits for us and our customers. IAR is the market leader in development tools for the ARM MCU market and has an enviable reputation for product quality and the level of its technical support. Our tests have shown that the IAR Workbench provides the best code generation and debugging functionality among all ARM development tools. Their commitment to outstanding customer support has also been evident in our contacts during the Eagle 100 development cycle.," commented Jesús Alvarez, General Manager of Micromint.

"With the Eagle 100 SBC Micromint has a very compelling offering for the industrial market," added Brian Barrett, East Coast Sales Manager of IAR Systems Software Inc. “We believe a large number of customers will demonstrate a high level of interest in the platform design, and including a KickStart version of IAR Embedded Workbench will allow them to get started rapidly with programming it using a familiar interface.”

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