Micromint, Inc.
Founded in 1979, Micromint is a leading supplier of single-board computers and industrial embedded controllers to the worldwide OEM market with over 500,000 controllers in the marketplace. Micromint provides standard components, versatile semi-custom configurations, and fully engineered custom solutions to OEMs, consultants, and end users alike.

Company Brochure

A Proud Tradition
Micromint was one of the first companies to produce an IBM PC-compatible microcomputer. Pictured on the cover of Byte magazine, Micromint's MPX16 offered MS-DOS software compatibility and PC-bus (ISA) expansion. Micromint products have appeared four times on the cover of Byte. The company's early success marketing peripheral devices for personal computers has evolved now into a distinguished reputation for powerful stand-alone controllers and miniaturized systems. The move away from a dependence on any single family of computers has become a hallmark of Micromint's product design philosophy.

Quality and Service
Micromint has built a reputation based on the highest quality standards on engineering, manufacturing, and support. During the last 24 years, Micromint has developed close ties with its customers through its policies of close customer contact and readily available engineering support. When you buy a Micromint product you know that the people who designed the product are there to help you fulfill your business goal. The stability of these long-lasting relationships is the key to our longevity.

Micromint's hardware and software are designed to be the cornerstone of reliability in an OEM application. Our products specifically include features such as watchdog timers, battery-backed RAM, flash memory, and overrated component selection to enhance survival in the real-world environment. One environmental consideration is temperature. While the process and specifications published herein refer to commercial temperature performance, virtually all of our control products can be ordered for industrial temperature range
(-40°C to +85°C).

After the Sale
Micromint stands behind its products by extending a one-year warranty covering both parts and labor on all factory-manufactured circuit boards and assemblies. Any unit which is found to have a defect in materials or workmanship will, at the discretion of Micromint, be repaired or replaced.

Custom Considerations
While the products listed are off-the-shelf controllers and peripherals, everything starts as an idea to solve a problem. If your control problem can't be directly solved by the products you see on our website, please contact us. We have many more products. We are also quite amenable to modifying an existing board or designing and manufacturing a custom solution for you. Call us and discuss it