The Micromint picoJTAG is a low-cost debugger for ARM Cortex M3 microcontrollers. It combines JTAG debugging with a RS-232 Virtual COM port allowing software developers to connect a debugger and serial port to a computer with a single USB cable. The picoJTAG can also provide power to targets that are capable of accepting power on the 20-pin JTAG connector. Drivers are provided for IAR, Keil and GNU toolchains supporting ARM Cortex M targets. Third party FTDI debugger drivers can be used to support other targets.


USB2.0 (high-speed, 480Mbits/sec)
RS-232 Virtual COM Port
Based on the FT2232H
Plugs directly into Arm's standard 20-pin JTAG connector
Capable of supplying power to targets JTAG connector
33.02mm x 47.12mm (1.3" x 1.85")


Serial port adapter cable - $4.00
• 10-pin IDC to DB9M connector
• 10-pin IDC to 10-pin IDC







picoJTAG Documentation (Wiki)

picoJTAG Schematics


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