Power Line Interface for X-10 (PLIX)

PlixParallel PLIX is an 18-pin CMOS chip which provides an intelligent communication interface between a computer and X-10 AC power-line control modules. PLIX removes the burden of complex X-10 programming protocol from the designer by providing a simple parallel interface. It takes care of the complex zero-crossing timing for sending and receiving X-10 commands so you don't have to. An otherwise simple embedded controller can now also feature X-10 power-line control by simply adding a PLIX chip to the design. PLIX are available in both a Parallel and Serial version.

SERIAL PLIX is designed to interface with the Serial port of any embedded controller or computer. Using simple ASCII commands, the user now has a simple way to communicate with the X-10 powerline adapter module (TW523) to control electronic devices over the existing powerlines. With a little imagination and software support from the user, Serial PLIX also has the capability to transmit and receive data segments via the powerlines. The user can select the baud rate and other parameters to obtain the desired communications protocol.

Serial Plix Kit

For you convenience, Micromint offers the Serial PLIX Kit. The Kit includes everything needed for the user to begin interfacing with an embedded controller. Serial PLIX Kit contains the PLIX Chip, crystal and necessary capacitors and resistors.

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Parallel PLIX

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Serial PLIX

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Parallel PLIX Chip X-10 controller in an 18-pin DIP $24
Serial PLIX Chip X-10 controller in an 18-pin DIP for the Serial Port $24