BCC30AThe BCC30A 12-bit-plus-sign analog-to-digital converter board is a 16 channel high-speed unit designed for use with all BCC-bus computer/designed for use with all BCC-bus computer/controllers. The BCC30A monitors up to 16 single-ended (or 8 differential) signals in a bipolar range of –5 to +5V or 16 single-ended signals in a unipolar range of 0 to +5 V. The BCC30A A/D converter board is easily accessible from BASIC, Forth, or assembly language and multiple boards can be used in a single system. Channels are individually addressable and can be converted at up to 20,000 samples per second. The high-speed ADC is unique in that its 16 channels (8 channels differential) have individually programmable input gains. Using gain multiplication on low-level signals provides the performance of a 16-bit ADC at a 12-bit price. The BCC30A also has 4 channels of high-performance, wide-range-output DAC.

Click here to download BCC30A datasheet.
Size: 4.5" x 6" Power (fully loaded): +5 V at 175 mA,
+12 V at 60 mA,
-12 V at 25 mA
Industrial Temp. Available: Yes Comments: Superior analog input protection. Programmable gain gives 14-bit A/D equivalence
Features: 4-ch, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, -5 to+ V, 12-bit D/A converter, 1 V/µs
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