BCC180The BCC180 can be used to vastly improve the execution speed of existing Z80 installations or to provide a complete performance solution for new applications. Designed from the ground up for efficiency, low power, and performance, the BCC180 bridges the gap between Micromint’s disk-based SB180 computer line and our BCC-bus process controller products. Using the same Z180 Z80-compatible CMOS processor as the SB180LO and using either high-level language or assembly code, the BCC180 connects to a variety of off-the-shelf BCC-bus I/O interface boards to function as a complete data acquisition and control system, or to function as a cost-effective single-board controller with abundant onboard I/O and memory.
Click here to download BCC180 datasheet.
Clock speed:
9.216 MHz
Max Memory:
384 KB
128 KB/128 KB/256 KB
Digital I/O:
48 bits, 2 PPIs
Serial Ports:
1 RS-232
1 RS-232/-485/-422
External Interrupts:
4.5" x 8.5"
Power (fully loaded):
+5 V at 150 mA,
±12 V at 25 mA
Industrial Temp. Available:
Additional Features:
Optional EPROM programmer,
real-time clock (optional)
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