BCC52CXOur all-CMOS eXpanded BASIC-52 computer/controller is a stand-alone single-board microcomputer that measures 4.5" x 6.5" and takes the best features of our original BCC52 and adds attributes like RS-485 communication, more memory, and total CMOS operation in the same-size package. Like the BCC52, the BCC52CX uses Micromint’s 80C52-BASIC 8-bit CMOS microprocessor. It needs only a power supply and terminal to become a complete system a power supply and terminal to become a complete system programmable in BASIC or machine language.
Allowing use of 32K x 8-bit memory chips, the BCC52CX has sockets for 64 KB of RAM and 64 KB of EPROM. An onboard "intelligent" 27C256 programmer uses standard and fast programming algorithms. Console serial support can be directed to RS-232 or RS-485 drivers. An auxiliary RS-232 serial output port supports serial printer output, and three 8-bit TTL bidirectional parallel ports are available through an on-board PPI. The BCC52CX is Micromint BCC-bus-compatible, allowing all of the BCC-bus peripheral boards to be used with BCC52CX.

Click here to download BCC52CX datasheet.
Processor: 80C52
Clock speed: 11.05 MHz
Max Memory: 128 KB SRAM/EPROM: 64 KB/64 KB (32-KB devices)
Digital I/O: 24 bits, PIA Serial Ports: 1 RS-232/-485/-422
1 RS-232 printer output
External Interrupts: 2 Timers: 3
Size: 4.5" x 6.5" Power (fully loaded): +5 V at 150 mA, ±12V at 25 mA
Industrial Temp. Available: Yes Additional Features: Onboard EPROM programmer,
real-time clock (optional)
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