Answer MAN is a low-cost stand-alone or network-based data-acquisition and control module. As a small 0.8-cubic-inch standard 28-pin package, it can be used directly with a sensor or control device. It adds an analog/digital-to-serial data interface or supplements the control intelligence of sensors. Answer MAN provides the practical multipurpose interface between sensors and the computer.

Answer MAN communicates via serial ASCII protocol at speeds as high as 57.6 kbps. Answer MAN's simple Query or Set command language reduces costly programming. The tiny Answer MAN DIP packs together eight high-current parallel I/O lines, a 4-channel 8-bit ADC, a 2-channel 12-bit ADC, and a 2-channel 12-bit DAC (these are internal for the Answer MAN SR or external for the Answer MAN JR) along with a set of powerful firmware functions. These functions include keypad scanning, 4 x 20 LCD control, analog limit monitoring, data averaging, frequency and event counting, PWM output, and reading Dallas iButton serial numbers.

Making a remote keypad/LCD terminal is as simple as connecting the LCD and keypad to an Answer MAN. Making a remote analog and digital control node is as simple as connecting the sensors and actuators to Answer MAN. Making a dedicated I/O expander for an existing controller is as simple as connecting Answer MAN to the serial lines of the controller.

Answer MAN comes in Junior and Senior versions. Junior lets you add your own line driver and 12-bit ADC/DAC chips, whereas the Senior version has all the chips built-in.

Answer MAN Network Software enables you to integrate Answer MAN directly into your PC application.
Answer Man Data Logger software allows you to collect A to D readings and stores them in a plain text file.


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