eaglecoinThe Micromint Eagle 50 is a single board computer designed for cost-sensitive control applications that require real-time performance, networking, and extensive support of popular peripherals. It delivers 32-bit performance and features at a cost equivalent to legacy 8- and 16-bit controllers. Powered by a Texas Instruments LM3S6918 (Eagle 50E) and LM3S1918 (Eagle 50) ARM Cortex-M3 cores capable of over 60 MIPS, the Eagle 50 can fulfill demanding requirements in monitoring, instrumentation, data acquisition, process control, factory automation and many other applications.


Features common to both Eagle 50 and Eagle 50E

 50 MHz 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M3
 256 KB Flash/64 KB SRAM
 Micro-SD Socket
 Two RS232 Serial Ports
 I2C, SSI (SPI) Ports
 8-ch. 10-bit ADC
 Up to 40 - 5V tolerant GPIOs
 4 general purpose timers, 1 watchdog timer
 Support for GNU and IAR compilers
 Thumb2 instruction set for smaller object code
 Basic and LUA supported
 +5V power supply required
 picoITX form factor
   100mm x 72mm (3.94" x 2.83")

Eagle 50 Features

Up to 40 - 5V tolerant GPIOs
 Base Price: $54.95

Eagle 50

Eagle 50E Features

 10/100 Ethernet
 Up to 20 - 5V tolerant GPIOs
 Base Price: $59.95


USB debug port - $15.00
   Supports programming, debugging
      and serial data transfers
   Allows powering board from USB for
      applications requiring less than 500 mA
   Includes microUSB cable
 Serial port adapter cable - $4.00
   • 10-pin header to DB9, available with
     female (DB9F) or male (DB9M) connector
 5V Power supply - $9.95
 I/O Plus Option - $20.00
   • Battery backed Real-Time Clock
   • 4-ch. 10-bit DAC
   • Selectable RS485/RS232 on COM2
   • Headers for LCD and 4x4 keypad ports

Eagle 50E with USB debug port option



Code examples are included with the Eagle 50 to get you started quickly. Applications can run standalone with no operating system or can use a compact real time operating system such as NuttX or FreeRTOS. You can use popular IDEs together with the GNU and IAR compilers. The microSD card capability simplifies program and data storage. Remote access can be implemented via web or command line interfaces, providing off-site monitoring and maintenance capabilities. The JTAG interface speeds up application development and debugging.

Ports of popular Basic (Jumentum BASIC) and Lua (eLua) development tools are available for the Eagle 50 to reduce application development time and simplify integration with code libraries developed for industrial and scientific environments. Using these tools, you can achieve significant functionality in a very short time. These open source tools can be easily extended, allowing a virtually unlimited number of possibilities.



Eagle 50 Documentation (Wiki)

Eagle 50 User's Manual (PDF)

Eagle 50 Schematics

Choosing among Micromint Eagle SBCs

Code Examples

Embedded ARM Development using the Eclipse IDE

Command line Debugging using OpenOCD



The Prototyping Board 50 (PRO050) prototyping board for the Eagle 50 is now available.


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