BCC52 The BCC52 computer/controller is one of our hottest selling stand-alone single-board microcomputers. Its cost-effective architecture needs only a power supply and terminal to become a complete development or end-use system. Programmable in BASIC or machine language, the BCC52 uses Micromint’s 80C52-BASIC CMOS microprocessor, which contains a ROM-resident, 8-KB, floating-point, BASIC-52 interpreter.
The BCC52 contains sockets for up to 48 KB of RAM/EPROM, an "intelligent" 2764/128 EPROM programmer, three parallel ports, a serial terminal port with auto baud rate selection, a serial printer port, and is bus compatible with the full line of BCC-bus expansion boards. The BCC52 bridges the gap between expensive programmable controllers and hard-to-justify, price-sensitive control applications. BASIC-52’s full floating-point BASIC is fast and efficient enough for the most complicated tasks, while its cost-effective design allows it to be considered for many new areas of implementation. It can be used both for development and end-use applications.

Click here to download BCC52 datasheet.
Processor: 80C52
Clock speed: 11.05 MHz
Max Memory: 48 KB SRAM/EPROM: 32 KB/32 KB (8 KB devices)
Digital I/O: 24 bits, PIA Serial Ports: 1 RS-232, 1 RS-232 printer output
External Interrupts: 2 Timers: 3
Size: 4.5" x 6" Power (fully loaded): +5 V at 150 mA, ±12V at 25mA
Industrial Temp. Available: Yes Additional Features: Onboard EPROM programmer, real-time clock (optional)
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