RTC31/52The RTC31/52 is our all-time best price-performer. The RTC31 is a 3.5" x 3.5" real-time controller that uses an 8031 processor and is intended for OEM assembly-language applications. The RTC52 uses the same PC board but has a Micromint 80C52-BASIC processor instead of an 8031. With BASIC, the RTC52 is software compatible with our BCC52 series, as well as allowing for onboard program development using a common RS-232 terminal. The 80C52-BASIC processor can also be jumper-selected to function as an 80C31/80C32 processor.

The RTC31/52 was designed to provide a minimal configuration for cost-conscious applications. It can be greatly expanded to perform more extensive control and data-acquisition tasks while maintaining the same small 3.5" x 3.5" footprint by using a stacked-board expansion system. Additional analog and digital I/O boards are piggybacked on top of the processor board and secured with stand-offs.


Click here to download the RTC31/52 Datasheet.




Clock speed:

11.05 MHz

Max Memory:

64 KB



32 KB/32 KB

Digital I/O:

12 bits*


Serial Ports:

1 RS-232-485

ADC (sample rate):





External Interrupts:



Real-time Clock:

Yes, SmartWatch socket (opt.)


3.5" x 3.5"


Power (fully loaded):

+5 V at 125 mA

Dev. Software:



ROM Monitor:


Industrial Temp. Available:



*When using the 80C52, 8 bits are accessible directly from BASIC. The other 4 can be controlled using assembly language calls.


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