The Prototyping Board 50 (PRO050) is an inexpensive prototyping board for Micromint picoITX controllers. It makes prototyping circuits for the Eagle 50, Eagle 50E, and Electrum 100 easier. Access to GPIO, ADC, DAC, and power is done through stacking connectors. Common footprints for prototyping include pushbuttons, screw terminals, and RJ45 connector. 


bullet 15 x 34 prototyping area with 0.1 inch spacing
bullet 12 position screw terminal footprint
bullet RJ45 jack footprint
bullet Two pushbutton footprints
bullet 2 x 3 jumper footprint
bullet Stacking configuration
bullet Dimensions: 3.93 inches x 2.83 inches (100mm x 72mm)

PRO050-01 with Eagle 50E

PRO050-01 Shown with Eagle 50E

PRO050-05 Shown with Electrum 100
PRO050-05 Shown with Electrum 100






Prototyping Board 50 Documentation (Wiki)

Prototyping Board 50 User's Manual (PDF)

Prototyping Board 50 Schematics


PRO50 for Eagle 50E & Lincoln 60E: $12.00 order 
PRO50 for Eagle 50, Lincoln 60 & Electrum 100: $18.00 order