Workshop 1: Simple Digital Output 

Purpose: Using the embedded controller to produce a programmed output (LED indication).

Objective: This workshop is designed to familiarize the student with elements of the embedded microcontroller.

Real world application: Controlling a traffic light.


1. Hardware:

2. PBasic Software Commands:


Procedure: Set the LEDs vertically on the photoboard:
Red on top
Yellow below red
Green below yellow

Step 1 - Light the red LED for 9 seconds.

Step 2 - Turn off red LED, then light the green LED for 7 seconds.

Step 3 - Turn off the green led, then light the yellow LED for 3 seconds

Repeat steps 1 through 3 forever.

Circuit Drawing for Workshop #1



PicBasic Code for Workshop #1

  high 1      'red LED
  pause 9000
  low 1
  high 3      'green LED
  pause 7000
  low 3
  high 2       'yellow LED
  pause 3000
  low 2
goto set