The RTC-BUFIO is a buffered, high-voltage, digital input/output expansion board designed to directly power external devices (such as relays and indicators) and protect digital inputs from real-world interfacing anomalies. RTC-BUFIO offers a total of 48 I/O lines: 24 high-voltage buffered input lines which easily withstand –30V to + 30V input voltages, and 24 digital driver output lines that provide as much as 1/2A driving current for lamps and relays. Six 2x10 ribbon cable headers are provided for external connections to the six 8-bit I/O ports.
Features 24 bits, -30V to + 30V, buffered inputs. 24 bits, 50V @ 175 mA driver outputs. Size: 3.5" x 3.8"
Power (fully loaded): +5 V @ 100 mA Industrial Temp. Available: Yes
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