RTC-SIR is a multifunction expansion board offering a combination of four independent I/O subsystems: bidirectional TTL parallel I/O, RS-232 serial I/O, infrared transmit and receive, and 16-bit programmable timers. The parallel I/O consists of 24 bits of TTL from an 8255 PPI. The RS-232 serial I/O consists of an independent UART and timebase which provide all standard data rates from 50 to 38,400 bps. The onboard infrared transceiver consists of a 40-kHz modulated or digital on/off infrared transmitter and 40-kHz fixed-frequency receiver. Finally, for precision timing, the RTC-SIR is fitted with the 8254 programmable timer, giving it three independent 16-bit binary or BCD counter/timers.
Click here to download the RTC-SIR datasheet.
Features RS-232 serial port, 50-38.4k bps. Three 16-bit programmable timers (8254). 24 bits TTL I/O, 8255 PIA, 40-kHz modulated-to- digital on/off, infrared smit, and 40-kHz receiver. Size: 3.5" x 3.5"
Power (fully loaded): +5 V @ 150 mA Industrial Temp. Available: Yes
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