RTC-HC11Offering exceptional value in a single-board embedded controller, our RTC-HC11 combines all of the most-asked-for features into a small 3.5" x 4.5" package at a reasonable price. Featuring the popular Motorola MC68HC11 microcontroller, the RTC-HC11 gives you an exceptional list of specifications at a very affordable price.

Software development can be done directly on the RTC-HC11 target system using assembly language or BASIC-11, an extremely fast integer BASIC interpreter with dedicated keywords for I/O port, A/D converter, timer, interrupt, and EEPROM support. In addition, a BASIC program can be saved on the onboard battery-backed static RAM or burned into an autostarting EPROM.
Click here to download the RTC-HC11 Datasheet.
Processor: 68HC11A1 Clock speed: 8 MHz
Max Memory: 64 KB SRAM/EPROM: 64 KB/64 KB
Digital I/O: 13 bits Serial Ports: 1 RS-232/485
ADC (sample rate): 0­5 V, 8 chan., 8 bits (50k) Timers: 1
External Interrupts: 2 Real-time Clock: Yes
Size: 3.5" x 4.5" Power (fully loaded): +5 V at 75 mA
Dev. Software: Optional ROM Monitor: Yes or BASIC-11
Industrial Temp. Available: Yes
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