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Single Board Computers

Regardless of the versatility offered in multi-board systems, so applications are only suited to single-board controllers. While our modules, RTC and BCC processor boards are often used stand alone, Micromint also offers a series of boards specifically designed with the expanded I/O suitable for the big jobs.

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If there is one prevailing direction in the electronics industry it is toward miniaturization. While Micromint manufactures a variety of board-level products, our expanding line of chips and modules is becoming more extensive all the time. The products range from a processor with ROM-resident, floating-point BASIC, a couple of full-blown data acquisition and control systems encapsulated in tiny weather-proof packages, to single chips used in tracking systems and X-10 remote control.

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RTC Line

When a miniature control system is a must, along with a variety of I/O options, customers choose Micromint's RTC stacking-board product line as a proven performer. With our complete line of development system tools, using them is as simple as R-T-C.

RTC controllers can be used stand alone or in a stacked architecture consisting of a base processor with a variety of I/O expansion boards. Together, they can provide a collective control solution in as small as a 3.5" x 3.5" footprint.

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BCC Line

Before there were RTC and module-based controllers, there was Micromint BCC. Simply translated as Basic Computer Control, BCC offers a basic, rugged, low-cost, yet very expandable edge-card and motherboard-style system. Like the RTC, a user chooses among the processor boards and then selects among an assortment of expansion cards to create custom-tailored control solutions. Because of their ruggedness and versatility, it is no wonder that thousands of BCC systems are in use all over the world today.

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